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BG Rental Registry Program – The “How’s” and “Why’s”

As property owners and investors, staying informed about local regulations is crucial for successful property management. One such regulation that directly impacts landlords is rental registration. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what rental registration entails, why it’s important, and how it affects property owners and investors in Bowling Green, Ohio.

On May 17, 2021, Bowling Green City Council members passed Ordinance 8929 which will require the owners of rental properties within the city limits of Bowling Green to register each rental unit with the rental program.

What is Rental Registration?
Rental registration is a process mandated by local government authorities that requires landlords to register their rental properties with the appropriate housing department or municipality. This registration involves providing detailed information about the property, including the property owner’s name, mailing address, email, and phone number.

Information specific to the rental property is also required, including the rental property addresse(s), unit numbers, and number of bedrooms in the home. If your rental is managed by a professional property management company you must also provide the authorized agent’s name, mailing address, email, and phone number. *Note: If the property owner does not live within 35 miles of the rental property an “agent” or property manager must be named as the authorized agent for local 24/7 contact by city officials.

How Often Do I Have to Update My Registration?
The good thing about the program is that the registration is valid indefinitely. With each change of ownership or change in agent the City of Bowling Green Planning Department must be notified. Otherwise, the property registration is a one-time event. To update your registry information you can contact the Planning Department at (419)354-6218, or email the BG Rental Program.

Why Is This Important?
Understanding the importance of rental registration to the City of BG is essential for property owners and investors. It serves several crucial purposes:
1. Ensuring Compliance: Rental registration helps ensure that landlords are compliant with local housing regulations and safety standards. By registering their properties, landlords demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and habitable living conditions for tenants.

2. Property Oversight: Rental registration allows local authorities to maintain oversight of rental properties within their jurisdiction. This oversight helps identify and address issues such as code violations, overcrowding, and property maintenance issues (We will touch on the next phase of the Rental Registry process, Self-Certification Rental Inspections, in another post).

3. Tenant Protection: Rental registration can also benefit tenants by providing them with a mechanism to report any concerns or grievances related to their rental property. It helps create a transparent system where tenants can feel secure in their living arrangements.

In conclusion, rental registration is a critical aspect of property management that all property managers and landlords should be familiar with. By understanding the requirements and importance of rental registration, property owners and investors can ensure compliance with local regulations and maintain positive relationships with tenants and authorities alike.

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